Electrocardiograph (EKG) Technician

Electrocardiograph Technician

An Electrocardiograph (EKG or ECG) Technician operates medical equipment that records and measures heart activity. The measurements are then used to help physicians (such as cardiologists) to diagnose and treat heart problems. EKG/ECG Techs examine the patient’s medical history and medication use and then attach electrodes to the chest, arms, and legs of the patient. The electrodes are used to measure trace electrical impulses that are transmitted by the patient’s heart. This process produces a printout, which can then be used by a physician to help determine diagnoses and appropriate treatment. EKG Techs tend to work in hospitals, cardiac rehabilitation centers, clinics, doctor’s offices etc.

EKG Course Curriculum

● Role of the EKG Technician
● Function of the EKG Department in a variety of
● settings  (hospital, clinic, office, mobile service)
● Introduction to medical terminology
● Medical terminology related to electrocardiography
● Care & safety of patients, medical & legal aspects
● Anatomy of the heart, conduct ion system, circulation of the heart and blood vessels
● Electrical conduction system of the heart
● Cardiac cycle (electric system)
● EKG strip analysis (P,Q,R,S,T wave form interpretation)
● Normal sinus rhythm, sinus bradycardis, sinus tachycardia
● Basic EKG interpretation, sinus rhythm, and
● Ventricular rhythms, asystole; example rhythm
● Recognizing artifacts; troubleshooting, tracing problems
● Practice EKG strips; EKG rhythms
● Preparing a patient for EKG
● 12 lead EKGs (interpretation and troubleshooting)
● 12 lead placement
● Echocardiography
Other roles for the EKG Technician

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Program Prerequisites*
Our programs are generally designed for those who have a prior background in healthcare by way of experience, schooling, or job training. To qualify for our Electrocardiography program, you must be one of the following:
Certified Nurse Aide (CNA), Clinical Medical Assistant (CMA), Patient Care Technician/Associate/Nurse, (PCT/PCA/NT), Registered, Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurse (RN, LPN, LVN), Medical Doctor (MD), Emergency Medical Tech (EMT), Phlebotomy Tech (PT), IV Tech, Medical Lab Tech/Assistant (MLT/MLA), Medical Office Assistant (MOA), Dialysis Tech (DT), Health Information Technologist (HIT), Home Health Aid, Physician Assistant, Physician Technician®, Ultrasound Technician, Physical Therapist, Rehabilitation Specialist, Health Information Technologist, Health Records Specialist, Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (DMS), Dental Hygienist, student of allied health or all medical (pre-nursing, pre-medical) or Natural Science college majors (Biology, Chemistry) or degree recipients.
*You may still meet the Pre-requisites for Program Participation if you are a current or past Healthcare professional, whether or not your profession is listed above irrespective of the amount of time that has passed since you were last in the medical field. In addition, consideration is given for medical work experience and schooling that meets certain criteria, regardless of whether or not it is healthcare-related.  More information about other ways to quailfy can be found on the Qualification web page.

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